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Tropibed is a 100% natural and sustainable hygenic animal bedding, suitable from pets to farm animals. Developed to be highly absorbent, Tropibed provides the best bedding whatever the animal.

Tropibed is a natural sustainable byproduct of the global demand for cocnut products.


Tropibed is designed to be the most versatile, durable bedding on the market , suitable for the widest range of animals of any animal bedding.

Tropibed was created to give animal owners a reliable and plentiful supply of anomal bedding in a market which is subject to national shortages of traditional materials. Tropibed can also be used to add grip to concrete surfaces for animals, such as in livestock markets and animal transport applications. Animal welfare is also addressed as Tropibed keeps animals safer by keeping them cleaner. High volume to weight ratio gives any animal housed on Tropibed more support, cushioning, warmth and therefore more comfort. Comfier animals are happier and healthier animals. This leads to higher productivity in commercial animals.

  • Chickens

  • Horses

  • Guinea Pigs

  • Sheep

  • Snakes

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