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Tropibed Nest Box Material 3 x 20 Litre Bags

Tropibed Nest Box Material 3 x 20 Litre Bags

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Tropibed NB is a new product designed specifically for nest boxes.

This product has been developed in conjunction with Michael and Richard Miller, world champion budgerigar breeders.

Tropibed NB is damper than the standard Tropibed. Once put into the nest box, it should be pressed down hard with the fist to form a dish.

The high absorbency of Tropibed NB helps to regulate the moisture and humidity round the eggs and also absorbs all the mess and smell that occur in the chicks first weeks of life. 

You will receive 2 off 20 litre bags in a box, delivered to your door on a next day basis. This will be left in a safe place if you are not available to take delivery.

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Features of Tropibed


Highly Absorbent

Vapour Supressent

Low Weight

Easy Disposal


No Smell.



Coconut coir

Recommended by Practical Poultry Magazine